When I was a child, my first grade teacher noticed that I had some artistic talent. She took some of my artwork to show a professor at Brigham Young University. The art professor wanted to take me under his wings as a young prodigy and attend his college classes. I was painfully shy and backwards, terrified of going to a big people’s school and so it never happened. I spent a lot of time doodling and sketching over the years. I did well in all my art classes, but was drawn to the drill team in high school and ended up going to nursing school.

Four kids later and working many long days in surgery, the economy dwindled and I lost hours at work. I thought to myself it’s time to tap into that talent that I’ve neglected for so many years and hoped that I hadn’t lost it. I took some oil painting classes to get a jump start. I never thought I could enjoy something so much and I don’t ever want to do anything else.